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Frequently Asked Questions

Use the sofa

Is the sofa comfortable?

The Revoliving sofas are comfortable at 360 °, on all sides, and for people of all heights. The seats are soft and cozy, the backrests, thanks to their shape and density are ideal for the correct posture of the back. In addition, the backrests are mobile, which allows them to be positioned at the ideal distance for people of different sizes, ensuring proper lumbar support.

How is the sofa modular?

With the Revoliving sofas it is possible to combine comfortable and spacious seat modules of three different dimensions 116*116cm, 116*96cm, 96*96cm. All the seat modules are freely movable, to offer maximum comfort and many possible dimensions and configurations.With few simple elements, composing and transforming your sofa has never been so simple: from an armchair to a sofa, a chaise-longue or a comfortable bed.

Are the backrests movable? Do they move when I rest my back?

The backrests are innovative, they are mobile and light, but they do not move and support the back. They are are movable, they can be positioned freely on the spacious seat modules, to offer maximum comfort, freedom and infinite possible configurations. Their special shape and density and anti-slip base guarantees the stability of the elements and a perfect back support.

Are the sofas easy to move?

Revoliving sofas are made of durable but lightweight modules, easy to move and join. This helps you to freely occupy your space and transform your sofa: from linear, to single armchairs, to a peninsula, to a comfortable bed.

Do Revoliving sofas last over time?

Revoliving sofas come from a long experience in the production of sofas of all kinds. They are made of high quality fabrics, woods and rubbers, and pass careful quality checks. Over time the outer parts of each sofa deteriorate (and the tastes change), for this revoliving offers a solid and durable internal structure that will last over the years, and the possibility to easily change the coverings and the feet at low prices, to to enjoy always a “new” sofa.

Fabrics and feet

I’m undecided about the fabric and color of my sofa, which one do I choose?

With Revoliving the choice is easier, by purchasing additional coatings it’s possible to renew or change the style of your sofa, in a few moments: to keep it always trendy, for special occasions, or simply to change it with the seasons. If you want to touch our fabrics with your own hands, request the fabric samples free of charge at home.

Are the fabrics easy to clean?

For the Revoliving collection we have selected resistant, stain-resistant, water-repellent fabrics that are extremely easy to clean. The fabrics are non-shrinking, it will be very easy to re-assemble the coating after washing.

How can I change the coverings?

Removing the coverings is extremely simple, remove the Velcro-strips from the bottom of the seat modules and open the practical zippers of the backrests and armrests. For washing the seat module coverings in washing machine it is preferable to apply the supplied Velcro-cover-strips. Assembling the coverings is also simple, it is sufficient to ensure that the fabric is well pulled and adherent to the modules before fixing the velcro and closing the zippers.

Can I change the feet? are they all compatible with the sitting modules?

All the feet in the collection (and the new models that we will propose in the future) are equipped with the same junction. You can always decide to easily change the model or color of the feet of your sofa.

Shipping and assembly

How do I receive the sofa?

Each module and component of the sofa is delivered in handy and resistant cardboard boxes, easy to move by a single person, even through small stairs, doors or elevators. It will be easy to transport it and position it in any space, reducing possible damages to the sofa and surrounding things.

How do I assemble the sofa?

A Revoliving sofa can be easily assembled by a single person in a few moments, without tools, simply by screwing the feet to the seat modules, positioning backrests and armrests as desired, and enjoy the comfort. Once the seating modules have been placed side by side, a Velcro strip (supplied with each module) can be fixed under their base to keep them tied together.



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