6 reasons to love revo sofa

Discover the innovative features,
the modular combinations and the collection of fabrics and feet

big, flexible, modular sofa

REVO is a flexible and modular sofa: the spacious and comfortable 116*116cm, 116*96cm, 96*96cm seat modules are freely movable, to offer maximum comfort and endless configurations.

With few simple elements, composing and transforming your sofa has never been so simple: from an armchair to a sofa, a chaise-longue or a comfortable bed.

unique styles, easy to create

REVO is a sofa easy to stylize and re-stylize: you can choose from many “designer’s selection” proposals, or it will be fun to choose your own style, freely combining the original and always new feet and fabrics.

Finally it will be easy to renew or change the style of your sofa, in a few moments: to keep it always trendy, for special occasions, or simply to change it with the seasons.

movable innovative backrests & armrests

REVO is an innovative sofa: backrests and armrests are movable, they can be positioned freely on the spacious seat modules, to offer maximum comfort, freedom and infinite possible configurations. Their anti-slip base guarantees the stability of the elements and a perfect back support. With a simple gesture you can move the backrests and change the seat side of the sofa, use both sides, or free the sitting spaces to turn them into a comfortable and spacious bed.
The special shape and density of the backrest, combined with special fabrics, make it light, but stable: when placed on the seat module, it offers great back support and does not slip, ensuring optimal comfort.

easy to clean & change coverings

REVO sofa is very easy to clean. In a few moments it is possible to remove and place the sofa covering, so it is easier to wash the covering to keep it always fresh and healthy (avoiding to live in contact with the millions of bacteria, mites and dust that accumulate over time).

All the elements of the sofa are light and easy to handle, it is easy to sprinkle them, like a pillow or a mattress.


light & easy to move (planet friendly) sofa

REVO sofa is a light sofa, easy to move and transport: all the elements of the sofa are light, handy, (the sofa seat has a maximum size of 116 * 116 * 27cm, and a weight of about 18Kg), easily transportable from a single person, without the use of large vehicles, even through small stairs, doors or elevators. REVO sofa can be assembled in a few moments, without tools, simply by screwing the feet.

The transport of separate modules ensure many practical, costs and environmental impact advantages:

  • reduce possible damages to the sofa and surrounding areas
  • optimize the consumption of packaging materials
  • optimize loading volumes along the whole transport chain
  • reduce transport costs

original design, quality 100% made in Italy

REVO is designed and produced entirely in Italy, is designed to offer maximum seating comfort, all materials and fabrics are tested and chosen to ensure maximum durability over time to the sofa and its components.


Customize your

Be inspired by the creations of our designers or create your model, freely combining modules, feet and fabrics.



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